Are We Men or Corporals?

  • translation: 45 years old with a lot of experience seeking a job as mechanical fitter. Also Baby Sitter. Cleaning service and porterage. I know do everything. Whitewasher.
  • genre: Street, Complaint

“I have splitted humankind into two categories: Men and corporals.
Men are the majority, while corporals are – luckily – the minority.
Men are the creatures forced to work like beasts for life, they never seen a sunshine ray or enjoying a least satisfaction; they lives always inside the gray shadows of a wretched existence.
The corporals are who exploit, tyrannize, mistreat, humiliate the others. These beings possessed by their profit desire we find ever afloat, always at the controls, often without authority, ability or intelligence but with only talent of their cheek, their arrogance, ready to oppress the ordinary poor man.
Did you get it, Doctor? Corporals are born exactly as corporals, they do not become so! Pay attention: any social class or nation they may be, they all have the same face, the same expressions, the same manners! They all think in the same way!” Totò in “Siamo Uomini o Caporali?”

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